Bart Waldeck

Making Real Estate Strategy and Execution Intelligent at ICSC RECon

ICSC RECon In just over two weeks we’ll be at ICSC RECon asking retailers to assess their Store Lifecycle Management IQ. While on the surface this may seem like a peculiar exercise, its foundations are based on some real issues that retailers are facing.


While retailers rely on their real estate strategy and its successful execution to fuel growth, they often fail to fully understand all the factors that could impact that outcome of their plans. Changing market circumstances demand a higher level of agility and adaptability, and since most retailers do not have easy access to the intelligence required to understand the affect and outcome of their decisions, they are slow to react and fail to seize opportunities or mitigate errors.


We’ll be meeting with retailers at RECon to ask them questions like:

We’ll also share how the smartest retailers have embraced Strategic Store Lifecycle Management. They recognize that by having the intelligence and logic to enable them to build a real estate plan and execute against it – as well as to adapt to changing market and execution conditions – they are effectively bridging the gap between real estate and store development strategy and its successful execution


Think you have Store Lifecycle Management smarts? Download Tango's Making Store Lifecycle Management Strategic white paper below. 

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