Rick Zelinsky

Should We Stay or Should We Go

shutterstock_338580662.jpgReading the headlines today, it is easy to conclude that we’ve entered the retail apocalypse and the demise of brick-and-mortar retail as we know it. While the announcements of potentially historic levels of store closings provide a compelling storyline, the reality – as always – is somewhere in the middle. What can’t be denied is retail and restaurant companies need to assess the performance of their stores now more than ever, and urgently devise aggressive strategies to keep the winners, renegotiate marginally performing stores to increase chain profitability, or close the losers.


Join us in a joint webinar with the NRTA as we explore how leading retailers have been able to link strategy to execution in an effort to dramatically improve chain performance by:

  • Utilizing analysis and portfolio optimization to determine which stores to relocate, renegotiate and close
  • Executing these strategies by leveraging lease, market and deal-specific analytics to even the playing field with landlords and improve lease renewals

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